Dr. Sue Duenke

Licensed Psychologist PSY 15555

Testimonials for Dr. Sue

You know, Dr. Sue, you were the best thing that I have done for myself so far; thank you for being there back then.
-- E. M.

"I was very skeptical about seeing a therapist. I knew I needed help, especially with my anger management, but I was not convinced just talking about things would help. After our first session I was much less skeptical and after the second I already noticed how my sessions with Dr. Duenke were helping. She was challenging yet compassionate, direct and insightful. In the years since my initial set of visits I have also seen Dr. Duenke to help with overcoming the impact of significant physical and mental trauma and the loss of a family member. During each visit she somehow incorporated elements I didn't even know I needed which has ultimately led to overall improvement in my relationships and quality of life."
-- N. S.

I've been through a few psychologists or therapists before and I wasn't able to connect with any of them until I met Dr. Duenke. My sessions with her are relaxing and very therapeutic. I actually don't dread going to my therapy sessions and actually look forward to them. It has really helped me with my life.
-- S. P.

"Dr. Duenke was instrumental in turning my life around. For years I struggled with guilt surrounding a number of issues in my past. Dr. Duenke helped me come to terms with not just myself, but with my past, present, and future. She listened, she gave feedback, and she helped me gain insight and perspective that I apply, even still, to this day. I am deeply appreciative to have had her as a part of my life and there is no doubt I am a better person for it."
-- J. Y.

I am a 50 year old woman, working full time, married with children and have been Sue's (Dr. Duenke's) client for approximately 11 years. And NO, I haven't been seeing her weekly for 11 years! I go in for a "tune-up" every so often, just to make sure I am on track or if there is a particular stressor with which I need clarity and/or help.

Here are the major things that have been invaluable to me while going to therapy with Sue:

  1. Her sense of humor.
  2. Her uncanny memory of names, events, and situations in my life.
  3. Her ability to gently and non-confrontationally "hit the nail on the head" regarding ways I might shift my thinking and behavior to make my life better and less stressful.
  4. Her willingness to take MY feedback about her counseling style and about when I thought I was "done" with therapy.
  5. Her summaries about my progress.
  6. Sue trusted me with her "Raven" - You need to see her to find out what that means!
  7. I felt better whenever I left her office.

There are times now that I look back and smile, knowing that Sue really helped enhance my life. I've referred several of my friends and family to her.
-- M.W.